While instructing a class this week, I noticed how I have a specific strategy that helps me to push myself through the tough bits.

💪 This was a method I unconsciously developed when training for competitive running. Every time I was on the starting line, about to start an interval, I would tell myself to commit. I make a promise to myself to commit to giving this interval my best effort and nothing less. No matter how hard it gets I will push through and get it done. This helped me to break up tough workouts into smaller chunks of effort that seemed less daunting.

💪 This is something I ended up applying in my gym training too…be it weights or cardio sessions. On Tuesday morning I instructed and participated in an Active Spirit class. The intervals were 60 seconds long and there was one particular exercise that I found very challenging. It was a combo of 2 x commandos + 10 x mountain climbers. To get through the 60s part, I had to break it up and commit to one or two sequences at a time. Once I pushed myself through those two sequences, I would allow myself a short breather, before committing and completing the next two.

💪 I do this with my weight lifting too. If I pick up a challenging set of weights, I always commit to 8-10 repetitions and will push through and do no less than what I’ve committed to. No matter how hard it is.

We’ve spent the last few days in London, having a little break from routine. The highlight for me is always walking/running in the park and visiting some of my favourite high street shops that aren’t available in Malta!

Consistency and commitment go together like tea and biscuits 😝

That’s why I thought I’d share this Insta video about consistency that I posted last Sunday.

Wishing you a lovely, restful Sunday 😌

Until the next catch-up…much love,
Angele 🧡