One thing I always ask during classes and personal training sessions is “can you feel it?”
🔥 This is a question you should be constantly asking yourself during a workout. If you’re not feeling anything, you might think “ahh that’s great, this is easy and I’m gonna breeze right through it!”… but remember, that’s not why you’ve dedicated 20,30, or 60 minutes of your time! You dedicated this time to FEEL something. To GAIN something!

🔥 Now when I say ‘feeling something happening’, I don’t mean you need to be totally spent and destroyed at the end of the session. What I mean is that during, for example, a single-leg deadlift, you should actually feel the stretch in your hamstring, your glute firing up, and your core switching on.

🔥 Take note of what you can feel in every exercise and tweak your movement in such a way that you feel it more! LOOK for the burn, instead of trying to escape it!

🔥 Something else I always say is that this ‘feeling’/‘switching on’ of your muscles might not and probably won’t happen by itself. You might need to really tune in, connect and focus to make this happen. The more you practice ‘making it happen’, the more automatic it will become, and eventually, you’ll start to notice that your muscles switch on without needing to think as much as you did the first time. That said, a certain level of focus is always needed to get the most out of your workouts 🙂

🔥 When I train I’m always very mindful of every single movement. If I’m not feeling it as much as I know I should, I’ll move in a way that ups the level, either by:

🤜 slowing down
🤜 speeding up
🤜 pausing at the contraction 
🤜 shifting my center of gravity 
🤜 adding a pulse 
🤜 lifting heavier 

Keep these things in mind during your next workout!  

Workout Highlight: Banded Sculpt

Here’s a workout that’s meant to be done slooowly so you can feel that 🔥 Check it out here.

Until our next catch-up, I wish you a fantastic Sunday 🙌 

Much love,
Angele 🧡