Spring is around the corner and (hopefully) the weather will be warming up soon. I know what many of you are thinking or what you’ve been conditioned to think…  

⛱️ Summer bodies are made…we won’t even bother finishing that sentence. 

⛱️ But what is a summer body anyway? Do you know what it is? Something the fitness industry came up with to sell you fitness programs! YUP! But really, shouldn’t we want to train and feel good all year round? Do we train SOLELY to look good in a bikini? 

⛱️ Seriously though, there are so many more benefits to exercise. What about the endorphins, the feel-good factor, the mental release after a stressful day? And the fact that our body NEEDS movement to be healthy and function well? Aren’t these factors all important reasons for working out? YES, THEY ARE. 

⛱️ Stop falling for the quick fix boot camp crap and get serious. Get yourself in an exercise routine that is sustainable ALL YEAR ROUND. That is the only way you can achieve fitness, health, and well-being. 

⛱️ From personal experience, we know that if you achieve the above, the ‘fit body’ will follow… whether it’s your goal or not. And even if you still don’t look like those Insta fit girls or magazine cover girls, you will still be happy and content with what your body can do and achieve, and that is more important than any six-pack or perky booty ❣️❣️

Workout Highlight: Wake Up Happy 🌞🌞

Because working out is something that can boost our happiness levels ⚡⚡here’s a workout that only requires a chair and positive energy 🙌 

Until the next catch-up, I wish you an amazing Sunday! 

Much love, 
Angele 💜