Advanced Sweaty Circuit Pump

Cardio • 30 minutes • Bodyweight

This workout consists of 2 circuits with 6 exercises each and you’ll repeat each circuit 4 times. Each exercise in the circuit will be done for 30 seconds each and there will be no rest at all between the exercises, but you’ll have 30 seconds rest between each round. You also have a long break of 90 seconds between circuit 1 and 2.

Since this workout is non-stop moving, you’ll need to pace yourself. Don’t go out too hard at first, but then try push in the last round. Feel free to rest whenever you need to but I always like to suggest jogging on the spot as a ‘break’ instead of stopping completely. This way you’ll build up endurance and cardiovascular fitness faster.

Music always works wonders in a tough workout! 🎵👉🏻 Suggested Spotify playlist