Beginners Plank, Burpees & More Workout

Mainly cardio • 31 minutes • Bodyweight

This workout consists of 4 circuits with each one focused on different variations of a basic move:

Circuit 1: Squats

Circuit 2: Planks

Circuit 3: Burpees

Circuit 4: Abs

In each circuit you’ll do 4 exercises which will be different variations of, for e.g. squats, planks, burpees and ab work. You’ll work for 30 seconds and have no rest between the exercises. Then you’ll take 30 seconds rest between each round of each circuit.

It’s a challenging workout but remember you can stop and rest whenever you need to. Make sure to focus on your form for each exercise and breathe!

Get some tunes going 🎵👉🏻 Suggested Spotify playlist