Low Impact Dumbbell Strength and Core Training

Dumbbells & optional mini band • 40 minutes • Gentle Core • No lunges/squats & low impact

This is a low impact/gentle workout which has no jumps, squats or lunges, making it suitable if you have injured knees. All the exercises are suitable for pregnancy and post natal, however make sure to get clearance from your doctor first.

You might choose to take this workout on days when you want to move but are feeling a little low or tired, or maybe when you’re on your period and need something a little gentler!

If it ever feels too much and you need a breather, feel free to pause the video and rest.

Try and make each and every interval challenging by lifting the right amount of weight and moving with the best technique to ensure you’re gaining all the benefits! Be sure not to sacrifice your form for a heavier weight and be mindful of what you’re doing each step of the way!