Cardio Ladder Workout for Beginners

Cardio ladder • 38 minutes • No equipment • Full body


This workout is in a ladder style. It consists of 6 mini circuits with 2 exercises in each. The first exercise will kick off at a longer interval and get shorter in subsequent rounds. The second exercise will kick off at a shorter interval time and get longer in subsequent rounds.


In summary:

Round 1: Ex 1 60s, ex 2 20s

Round 2: Ex 1 40s, ex 2 40s

Round 3: Ex 1 20s, Ex 2 60s


Those 60 second intervals will be pretty challenging but remember you can stop and rest whenever you need to, or even maybe try and jog on the spot instead of stopping completely


Let’s get in the mood 👉🏻 Suggested Spotify Playlist 🎵