Prenatal & Postnatal HIIT Quartet Workout

Dumbbell, chair & optional step • 40 minutes • Pre & post-natal • Full body with cardio

This workout is suitable if you’re pregnant or still in the post-natal recovery phase. It’s all exercises are low impact and gentle on the core.

{Always get clearance from your doctor before staring new exercise programs during pregnancy or after giving birth}

It’s really important to focus on activating your core and breathing properly.

The workout consists of 3 circuits with 4 exercises in each. It’s a fully body workout and a mix of strength and cardio, designed to strengthen your whole body and get your heart rate up!

Feel free to move quick, however never too fast that you lose your form. Form and breathing is still very important.

Remember to pause and take a break if you need to. Continue when you feel ready!