Full Body EMOM Intermediate

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) • 35 minutes • Dumbbell


This workout will fire up every single muscle in your body! You’ll have 1 minute to perform reps of 2 exercises. As soon as you finish, you’ll rest for any remaining time within the minute. As soon as the next minute starts, you’ll go again. You repeat each batch of exercises 4 times – hence 4 minutes of work – before moving on to the next batch. You’ll always have 1 minute rest between batches.


In this kind of workout you need to try and be a bit quick/efficient. The faster you complete the reps, the longer your rest will be. However, it’s very important that your form on each and every exercise is good. Otherwise you might hurt yourself and you won’t gain as much as you can from the workout. Feel free to tweak the number of reps if you need to – do less reps if you’re finding that you’re taking too long and don’t have enough rest time between sets, or else do more reps if it feels easy and you want more of a challenge.


Most importantly, lift the right weight to make sure the workout is challenging, breathe and have fun!


Turn up the beats 🎵👉🏻 Suggested Spotify playlist