Intermediate EMOM Blast Workout

Every minute on the minute • 37 minutesDumbbell (+ optional kettlebell)Mix of cardio & strength


EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute


In EMOM workouts you’ll have 1 minute to perform reps of  a certain number of exercises. When you’re done, you stop and rest for any remaining time within that minute. As soon as the next minute starts, you’ll start again but in this specific workout they will be different exercises.


This sessions consists of two circuits both containing 4 x 1 minute intervals. Each minute consists of different exercises and you’ll repeat the 4 intervals 4 times over. Then you’ll take a long break and do the exact same thing for the second circuit. The first circuit is bodyweight and mostly cardio. The second circuit is mostly strength and you’ll need dumbbells and an optional kettlebell.


The onscreen video and voice instructions will guide you all the way!


Music to pump you up 🎵 👉🏻 Suggested Spotify playlist